No Hidden Fees

You can always count on our leasing team for clear and concise leases. We’re not here to nickel and dime you. There are no hidden fees or undisclosed expenses to surprise you when you lease an executive suite. The shared amenities are part of the deal, not an add on. Nearby Amenities Our new Executive […]

A New Office Experience

Bernstein Management Group is committed to bringing a new look to its spaces to match the market’s ever changing demands. Our newly renovated Executive Suites feature an all-tile floor and bright LED lighting show off the limitless potential of your future office. A facade flush with windows brings ample natural light. Our professionally managed spaces […]

Using 3D tours to plan buildouts

One of the benefits that we’ve seen to virtual tours is the use of the dollhouse and floorplan function in order to plan renovations/buildouts. The fact that you can see exactly where things are going before you put them in is a huge boon. You can also do before and after scans of common renovation […]

Tips for scanning large spaces

The other day I was tasked with scanning a warehouse that had been built out into an indoor playground. The warehouse measured around 15000 square feet and half of it had significant buildout, from offices and party rooms, to bathrooms and reception. So I put my Matterport thinking hat on, and thought about the best, […]

Sterling Village Center: The Tours

¬†Sterling Village Center is where I’ve done a number of virtual tours used in examples for tips and tricks that I’ve posted. For instance, the bakery I’ve previously discussed along with the convenience store are both located here. The main perk of shooting here is the delicious food at Buffalo Wing Factory though. Its some […]

Virtual tours to document Renovations

An extremely valuable use for the Matterport Camera is documenting renovations. This is especially helpful when you have contracted renovations out to someone else. You can use the same scans and take multiple tours of the same space, without having to be charged for a reupload. We use this to show off the various finishes […]