Challenge: Occupied spaces

Interior 1.1One of the biggest challenges in commercial real estate is turnover. Sometimes, you’re trying to lease a space before a tenant has even moved out. Such was the case in a current scan I did for one of out properties: In-and-Out Market located at Sterling Village Center.

The biggest challenge was my timing. The only time I could get clearance to shoot from the tenant was during a relatively busy time of day for his spot. There was a lot of people moving in and out of the shop. The shop has two busy restaurants on either side of it as well. Not a great recipe for a tour, or so I thought at the time.

I really like to start my tours with a shot from just outside the front door, and to set that as the starting point so that the viewer gets the experience of walking n the door and then walking around as if they are there. Some tours that start in the middle of a space for example, kind of ruin my immersion for me. So it was important for me to get that shot. I ended up getting lucky and getting a full scan in before another wave of customers came in.


As far as customers on the inside of the shop, someone in the scan doesn’t always kill the scan for you. It can actually be helpful to have someone in the shot, as long as they aren’t close enough to cause alignment issues or are being disruptive. A customer standing in line at the shop I was scanning actually helped bring some life to an otherwise underwhelming scan. My general Rule of thumb is I will throw out any scans with a person within 10 feet or so for alignment purposes.

As always, the preview tool is your friend. Use your judgement to determine whether having someone in the shot disrupts or helps. If all else fails, block entrance to the premises or scan at a time when it is less busy, or not open.


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