Mattertags Uses: Get Creative!

Dollhouse ViewWhen you experiment with your Matterport 3D camera and its Cloud, one feature that can make a tour more special is Mattertags. Mattertags allow you to embed media and websites within the tour to enhance the tour experience.Here are a couple¬†uses for Mattertags that I’ve used personally.

  1. Equipment or furniture description: In the case of, say, a piece of specialized equipment that you want to highlight in the tour, you can add a description of what it is and what it does, and why it is special. In the case of furniture, I’ve seen rare antiques highlighted and a brief description given about its history. Fun facts like this are something that you’d go over in a regular tour, why should an online client miss out on them in a virtual one?
  2. Inserting amenities videos/ Links to virtual tours of other nearby spaces: This is a good way to keep a viewer engaged. Maybe the space isn’t big enough for them. Instead of losing their interest, you can offer a link to a larger space that the can tour, or a link to walkable amenities to increase the value of your space.
  3. Exterior photos: Everyone wants to see what the space looks like from the outside. Give them the full experience.

As you can see, the common thread is that you have been provided a tool to make your tours as immersive and as helpful as they can possibly be, you just need to utilize them!


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