How I learned to love stairs

beautiful-stairsOne big complaint I often see on Matterport support or on the matterport forums is how hard stairs are to scan. And I don’t disagree! But there are ways to make scanning stairs easier and more methodical. Here are some tricks I picked up along the way!

  1. Keep scans on the stairs, save landings for the end if at all possible. If you’re able to do this, which is sometimes impossible, you will save a good amount of time that you would normally use fiddling around with tripod leg length.
  2. Only adjust one leg to a different length at a time. I actually almost lost a camera to experimenting with different tripod leg length. Luckily I caught it and the crisis was averted.
  3. This one is kind of obvious and ties into the other two, but once you’ve found a good, stable base, you can just move that base up and down the stairs, and it should work perfectly.


Another big issue that I’ve seen extremely often is scanning spiral staircases with your Matterport Camera for virtual tours. I’m actually zero help here because I’ve never done it. But heres a cool picture of one!spiral hd

While you’re here, check out this cool bank space I shot


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