Using Matterport to get floorplans

05.12.2017_09.41.07 copyOne fun aspect of commercial real estate versus residential real estate is using the scans from your commercial spaces to directly visualize changes to a space before you make them. Matterport has the ability to general floorplans using the same scanner that you use for your virtual tours. Take a look at 226 Maple Avenue, an Office Building that we are leasing in Vienna. Find it here: 226 Maple Avenue Suite 205

With the virtual tour, we can use the scans as a tool to help us lease Vienna office space on 123. Alternatively, we can visualize renovations before they happen, and use the before and after pictures in our targeted marketing and sales. We also take the floor plans Matterport gives us and place them in the lease. I hope you enjoyed these quick tips, and if you need a Vienna VA office, feel free to check out the link above and contact me!


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