Getting the most out of scans.

07.06.2017_15.23.00Sometimes you can get a little extra out of your scans if you’re crafty enough. In this building, we have one large suite with 14000 square feet. We’re thinking about dividing it up into 3 different spaces. We wanted to be able to visually look at the tours and the floor plans for each unique space. We were able to scan the whole thing in one go, and use the scans to divide it up amongst the 3 spaces. Once you have the entire floor plan, you can upload the big scan, and then delete scans as you see fit in order to shape the space to what you desire. I used this trick to carve out the other three spaces, along with the trim tool to clean up the borders. This was done at one of our properties.

Another trick which you can use to get the most out of you camera is using your 3D views for still photography. This is mostly pertinent for those of you with the Pro 2 camera with its higher resolution lens. Since 3D views aren’t tied to any scans or to GPS data, you can literally select any tour on the capture app, take 3D views, then capture screenshots to have print quality shots next time you upload.


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