Space Walkthrough: Sterling Village 114

Sterling Village Center. A pretty Zen little shopping center next to a buddhist temple. We generally recommend keeping your shoes on before walking inside any of the shops or restaurants here.

One unique offering that we have for this particular center is a turn-key bakery. I had a blast shooting the virtual tour for this space due to all of the various reflective surfaces. There was a lot of hiding involved. To take the tour of this space with me, visit our website and click the tab labelled “Virtual Tours” and then Suite 114.

One fun note, I actually shot this tour in reverse, as I knew I was in a bit of a time crunch, and wanted to hit the areas I knew would be challenging due to reflections and trimming required. So naturally I started on the actual Baking side of things. But for the sake of the tour, I’ll run through it the way I intended it to be toured.

So first of all, you have just the main cafe area:Interior 2Here you have some seating, and various display cases used for showing off your baked goods, as the is a bakery. Pretty nice layout if you ask me. I personally like the bright red counter.

After that, if you walk down to the right, you’ll find the office:Interior 6 Sometimes, you need to get some administrative tasks done when you’re not baking, or selling your baked goods. Its a nice perk to have.

Interior 7After that, there is a little sink that separates the two spaces. I personally love lots of sinks, because I’m a bit of a germaphobe. It definitely pays off to stay clean in food service industries.

Up next is the bakery. Its where all the baking magic happens. I happen to know very little about baking, but I’ve heard that its basically tasty chemistry, and I can get behind that:Interior 13This bakery comes with tons of baking equipment, and is ready to go day one, so with this tour I really sought to capture that aspect. Lots of shots directly in front of equipment for convenience sake.


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