Challenge: Efficient scanning/Time Use

Interior 3If you’re like me, Matterport is probably not 100% of your job. I also have many responsibilities around the office. So when I’m in a bind, but I know I have to get a tour put together, I like to think about what the most efficient way to go about my tour, without sacrificing quality. After dozens of tours, my big takeaway is this: Door Stops and Hallways are where you’ll save the most time.

Let me explain what I mean by this: Unless you have something to highlight in a long hallway or a doorway in that hallway, think about how you would navigate it in a tour if you were a customer. You’d want to get to the next room to check it out as soon as possible. The same goes for just about any wide open area, especially for unfurnished spaces. Check out suite 110 for some long sight lines where I was able to save time without sacrificing quality.

Now I know that some people haven’t had the “pleasure” of dealing with doors that won’t stay open, but its fairly common in the commercial world. Door stops are your best friend in this situation. I actually broke my first Matterport camera my first day on my first tour due to trusting that a door would stay put with a makeshift door stop. Imagine explaining that to your boss!


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