Time saving tips for scanning an entire Floor

07.06.2017_15.23.00So for this tip, I’ve got a quick time saving tip for scanning an entire floor all at once, and then breaking it up into segments. We did this as the current space is one large contiguous area, but we were considering dividing it up to better suit our future tenant’s needs. So on top of the initial scan of the entire space, we also needed 3 scans of each smaller space. Here’s how I saved a good deal of time:

Using Matterport’s ability to reupload, you can forgo rescanning one of the areas entirely should you need to do what I did, and separate the floor into smaller spaces. I went with the lower third, as it was the biggest and hardest to scan of the three. To accomplish this, simply delete the scans of the other two spaces after you have uploaded the entire floor. This leaves you with just the one section. After some mild trimming, you should be able to upload again, saving yourself time, and the fee to upload a new space. If you’re trying to be exceptionally frugal, you could even remove the trim after you upload, begin scanning the next space, and then delete the prior scans and reupload again, giving you another free scan. Repeat this process a 3rd time, and you’ve saved yourself almost $60 total.

I hope these tips helped you as much as they helped me stay within the budgeted free scans, and to save time on this one very specific case. To see the tours for 10 Pidgeon Hill, please follow this link.


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