Tips for scanning large spaces

Interior 20The other day I was tasked with scanning a warehouse that had been built out into an indoor playground. The warehouse measured around 15000 square feet and half of it had significant buildout, from offices and party rooms, to bathrooms and reception. So I put my Matterport thinking hat on, and thought about the best, most efficient way to scan the premises for future uses. I tried to think about what a potential future tenant would like to see from this sort of space, and it hit me. It was a warehouse use. It would be very unlikely to see the same buildout that was currently there. I decided that the most important aspect was to get a fluid tour that really emphasized the size of the space, and the wide open areas within it.

The approach I took for this tour was simple. Minimal scans in open areas to give the feel of travel time between scans makes the space feel even bigger in my opinion. In smaller, tighter corridors I elect for more scans, especially in offices or areas with seating. When one takes a tour of  a future office, they want to see as many angles as possible to really immerse themselves in the future office. Check out the differences in scan density in this tour here.


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