Matterport Nemesis: Mirrors

07.12.2017_11.09.03 Don’t be this guy. Who is me. I shouldn’t have to say this, but getting caught in reflective surfaces and thus being part of your scans is not a good look. Whether it be a mirror, glass surface, or just an oddly shiny wall, try to position yourself so that the camera does not catch you or itself when it does its scan. I got a little careless here, and thought I was out of line of sight. When in doubt, the capture app has a feature that allows you to preview your scan before you process it. This can help you make sure your scans are up to par.

Avoiding mirrors is all about geometry. I scanned a gym in Sterling with a huge wall mounted mirror which required a good deal of movement on my end to avoid being caught in the scans. Check out the tour here: The Regal Center Gym. It was actually a blast trying to stay out of the way if I must say so myself.

Another way that I’ve heard about from some residential real estate friends is using cheese cloth to cover mirrors for scans in bathrooms. I’ve personally not tried it myself, so take that with a grain of salt.

Whether you’re hiding, avoiding, or covering up mirrors, I hope you find these tips helpful!


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