Space Profile: Sterling Village Bakery

Matterport Dollhouse ViewToday I took on an interesting space: A Bakery located in Sterling, Virginia, at the Sterling Village Center (Check out the tours from here). This space was quick and fun to shoot, but always a bit challenging to stay out of the shot on. Almost everything in the right side was reflective somehow! I used was more geometry to stay out of line of sight than I would have preferred, and I may have missed a few “cameos” when I published the scans.

I’ve always liked this bakery space in our portfolio, and I really think it could be leveraged well if the right bakery were to take it. Its right in the middle of a couple restaurants that could definitely use their baked goods, and a nearby hotel that could leverage the whole “local” aspect of it. But enough about that, you’re here for the tips and tricks.

The only real trick to this space was positioning both scans and myself so that I wasn’t in them, due to all of the reflective surfaces. And that was some relatively basic geometry. Other than that it wasn’t a huge deal, just remembering pacing and such.


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