Tours at 226 Maple Avenue, West

226 Maple Avenue

226 Maple Avenue, West, in Vienna. Talk about a building that went through a bit of a renaissance. I love whats been done with the interior finishes here, probably my favorite common areas of any of our buildings. The way the walls and floor have been done really makes the spaces pop. Take a look for yourself!06.19.2017_09.59.47

You can also check out the Property Page for 226 Maple and take the virtual tours you can find there. Its a much easier way to check out this property to help you filter out the properties that you REALLY want to be a part of.

The Lobby isn’t the only place that impresses from an aesthetic viewpoint. The newly renovated suites contained within show just a fraction of what Bernstein Management Group is capable of from a design standpoint. But thats for another day! Thanks for reading and checking out our virtual tours!


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