3D Views: When?


3D views are often a misunderstood tool. There’s a common misconception that their only use is for lower resolution exterior photos for when you’ve forgotten your real camera. While that is a totally legitimate use (I’ve done it) there are plenty of other ways to leverage this tool to make your scans really stand out. Here are some of my favorites.

The 3D view I LOVE to get is the entrance in the sunlight view. Normally if I’m shooting on an overcast day, I will start my tour with my first scan outside looking into the door. But if its a beautiful day out, I’ll grab a quick 3D view outside to use as a kind of cover photo for the tour. See Suite 150 under Virtual Tours for a good example.

Another trick with 3D views is grabbing good shots of traffic counts in your parking lot. Pick a time when your parking lot is busy, and grab a shot with most of the spaces full. Little, subtle things like this can help you even if you don’t make it a point of emphasis. A client with a keen eye will notice.


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