Daily Challenge: Recursion

05.12.2017_09.41.07 copyEver scan a large office building, only for your model to be off? I know I have. Nothing like the camera getting confused by long hallways, or the infamous cubicle rows to REALLY brighten your day. I faced this struggle on a 12000sf scan of mine recently and had to be quick on my feet to figure out a way to differentiate the cubicles so that the camera could figure out where it was. Thats where the biggest tool a Matterport user can have came into play: The Doorstop.

Doorstops are like magic: You see them, you know what they are, but you don’t really acknowledge or recognize they’re there. Its like a little invisible helper. Obviously they’re helpful in staging your shot by keeping doors open for better sight lines, but using them as landmarks in a scan has helped me out of a jam on MANY occasions.06.22.2017_10.32.50See the sneaky doorstop in the bottom of the shot? A little differentiating factor to help the camera get its bearings. See if you can find any more of my sneaky doorstop uses in the tour of 1308 Devil’s Reach Road.


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