Today’s Challenge: Occupied/Storage

Exterior 4Today, bright and early, I set out to do a relatively routine scan for a relatively routine purpose: For a floor plan. We currently use the space as a short term storage for all of the things we use to keep our properties in great shape, so there are myriad piles of things all around. The space is also in use, so a lot of the planning and staging that went into the execution of this tour was more so about positioning myself in places where I would not only be out of the shot, but be able to keep others out of the frame when it was rotating towards them. I wasn’t 100% successful, but i only settled on shots where people were far enough away as to not truly interfere or distract from the subject property. See if you can find anyone in any of my Virtual Tours forĀ 7777 Leesburg Pike.

The biggest challenge for the storage space was definitely coming up with some of the more unique sightlines. Since there were things like AN ENTIRE AC UNIT in the space, I had to get creative if I wanted good alignment. Thank goodness for a reliable tripod. Some of the more “tricky” shots really had me holding my breath! These kinds of jobs where you run into issues that you have to think around are definitely my favorite. Getting to think outside the box and see the full potential of the camera reminds you that at the end of the day, its a pretty special piece of gear.


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