Savvy Tip: Still Images without a Scan

Exterior 4One trick to get more use out of your camera is using the 3D views option to get still images for your own use. However, did you know that there is no scan component to these? This opens up the camera to some more “flexibility”, especially those of us who are lucky enough to have the Pro2 version with its print quality images.

For instance, I had a problem the other day: I needed exterior photos of out property 7777 Leesburg Pike, but I don’t have an actual camera to take stills. So I simply took some 3D views at multiple angles nearby so that I could later go into the workshop. At the same time though, I’m selling my truck, which is parked right outside of the shot. So I used the same 3D scans to get a clear picture of my truck!

Obviously this has other applications as well. Say you had a property that you didn’t need a tour of, and you wanted still images of it, but, like me, you didn’t have a traditional camera. In theory, you could simply open up a previously completed scan, add a 3D view at a new location, and upload that for no cost, so that you could extract the stills you need at your leisure.

As always, thats all theoretical, a measure you could take as a stopgap if you were in a jam. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!


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